2021 Holiday Shipping Information


Shipping times & deadlines are subject to change! Once the item has been picked up or sent with the appropriate shipping service, I am not responsible for any possible delays that may happen during transit. Please refer to my shipping policies or feel free to contact Madsworld with any questions.

The USPS also increases shipping costs during the holiday season. These things are out of my control as a shop owner.

Shopping Deadline Guide to ensure that you get your orders in time for the holidays.* Get those orders in, you can never be too early!

Hanukkah (Nov 28 - Dec 6)

United States: November 10

Canada: November 6

Europe: November 4

Australia & New Zealand: November 4

Rest of the world: November 2

Christmas (Dec 25)

United States: December 8

Canada: December 4

Europe: December 8

Australia & New Zealand: November 22

Rest of the world: November 26

*As states above, please note that these dates are subject to change and will be updated accordingly. All dates above are provided by Printful, the company used to fulfill your orders. Madsworld does not set the dates but is responsible for relaying this information to the customer.