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In January 2022, we started using 100% certified organic cotton for all our tote bags as to be as eco friendly as we can. We're slowly but surely headed in a more organic direction as promised. We're changing our T-Shirts to a more sustainable material, and hope to go full 100% cotton soon. So, what does that mean? It means that all our designs will be the same, we’re just switching to another supplier with better material and more inclusive sizing. Check out our product descriptions for more details!

  • Brooke says,

    "This mug is just as described, and I am so looking forward to gifting it to my Harry Styles loving sister! Customer service was professional from start to finish. Thank you!"

  • Stina says,

    "Couldn’t wait to print my purchase and send to my friends! Love this shop and the creativity 🎉 thanks so much, will be shopping here again soon!"

  • Erica says,

    "Hands down my favorite seller I've ever purchased from. If you want amazing quality, fast shipping, and above all amazing customer service, shop here!!"

Interested in something personalized?


What Will I Get?

- One (1) Digital Print File

- A preview file before the final print

- Sizes begin at 8 x 10 inches


- Contact us via Email, madsworldshop@gmail.com, to get started.

- Pricing begins at $40.

- $20 deposit required*

- Venmo or Paypal are preferred.

- Payment is due at the time of final file delivery.

- Please provide a reference photo.

*This is a safety net for both you and the shop. Your deposit will go toward the final price. This deposit is to ensure that time is not wasted on both ours and the client's part. Prices increase with certain changes/details. Please be aware that these prices may change in the future.

Additional Information

- We will not take any commissions depicting violence or harm to others.

- We'll ask a few questions to get a better understanding of what you'd like. See the questionnaire section below for more information.

- The $20 deposit is non-refundable and will go toward your final price.

- We ask that you do not edit or alter the final print.

- Feel free to have the file printed!

- We will do our absolute best to deliver within a timely manner.

- Our pricing is firm but may be subject to change.


Here are a few sample questions you may be asked:

1) Do you have any color preferences?

2) Would you prefer the background to be drawn or a solid color?

3) What is your file format preference? (PNG, PDF, JPG, etc.)

4)Where would you like the file sent to? (via DM, email, etc.)

5) Are you ok with the print being posted publicly to our social profiles?

5) Do you agree to not edit or change the final product? (Yes or No)